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Our Solutions

Transform HR today with a modern HR software system that’s quick to implement, easy to configure and designed to save you time and put you in control.


Smart for Business, Great for people.

With easy online access, time-saving automation, and flexible configuration options, HRM Solutions HR systems make work better for everyone. It frees HR from repetitive tasks, converts data into meaningful reports. Tailor your HR system to reflect your way of working and company culture and branding. Our product specialists will work with you to ensure your implementation is a success and, once you are up and running, you’ll have easy online access to our support team. 

Built to put you in Control



Modules to improve your HR operations. 

  • Personnel Management

  • Payroll Managegment

  • Leave Management

  • Attendance Management

  • Benefits Administration



Real time automation of attendance enables smooth operations and improves productivity.

  • Employee Manager

  • Leave Manager

  • Timesheet Manger

  • Roster Manager

  • Integration with Biometric Device

  • Biometric Time and Attendance Devices

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Simplify your hiring process and save valuable time , manage your talent pool with (ATS) applicant tracking system.

  • Company Profile Manager

  • Jobs Manager

  • Applicant Manager

  • Users Manager

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